Jumuah Announcements for December 8 / Rabiul-Awwal 19


Jumuah Announcements for December 8 / Rabiul-Awwal 19

Strive Session tonight @ 6 pm for youth in grades 7-12

On Friday, December 15 starting at 6 pm there will be a talk by Imam AbuBakar Mulla on Muhammad (s): Legacy of a Prophet. Dinner will be served. Please contact Imam AbuBakar or Sr. Mona Rahman if you would like to help sponsor the dinner

The next Muslim Children’s Circle will be on Sunday December 17 after Dhuhr. MCSquared is now for children in Grades 1-6. Contact Sr. Mona Rahman for information

Masha'Allah with Allah's blessing and everyone's effort and hard work, we
made $8500 at the International Bazaar.

The International Peacekeepers Alliance is hosting a "Hands Off Jerusalem" Rally Saturday from 2-4 pm in front of City Hall.

ISK Expansion Project

Prayer Timings

- Fajr and Isha times are calculated according to ISNA (sun is 15 degrees below horizon)

- Asr time is based on standard method (other than Hanafi), Asr may be prayed earlier if there is a community event.

- Times shown for ICK are Iqamah times.

- Jum’a khutba starts at 12:20