Jumu'ah Announcements for Friday, September 15 / Dhul Hijjah 24


Jumu'ah Announcements for Friday, September 15 / Dhul Hijjah 24

1. STRiVE youth program meets tonight (Friday) at 7 pm at the masjid. STRiVE is for youth in grades 7 and up.

2. Islamic school began last Saturday. Islamic studies are held on Saturdays. Qur'an classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays for JK to grade 6. Youth Qur'an classes for grades 7-12 are held on Wednesdays from 6-7:30. Please contact Sr. Eram or Sr. Mona for information.

3. The Arabic school through the Limestone School Board's Heritage language program begins tomorrow from 1030-1:30. Classes have been extended to include JK up until Grade 8 Insha Allah.

4. Please make Du'a for the mother of Sr. Shirin Siddiqui who passed away last week in Bangladesh. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajeoon. May Allah swt have mercy on her soul, forgive her sins, accept her deeds and grant her Jannat-ul-Ferdous.

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Prayer Timings

- Fajr and Isha times are calculated according to ISNA (sun is 15 degrees below horizon)

- Asr time is based on standard method (other than Hanafi), Asr may be prayed earlier if there is a community event.

- Times shown for ICK are Iqamah times.

- Jum’a khutba starts at 12:20