"No Parking" signs on Sydenham Rd


Assalomo Alaykum,

Please adhere to the "No Parking" signs on Sydenham Road.

1. About 4 months ago, City of Kingston installed no parking signs on Sydenham road around the Mosque area. ISK contacted the city to check why it was done and see if we can get them to allow parking for a 3 hours period on Friday afternoons.

2. We had a meeting with city officials and found out that it was a standard requirement for this area but they were willing to look into passing a byelaw to allow ISK community to park on the road for 3 hours duration on Fridays afternoons.

3. ISK received a response (after 3 months of the first meeting from the city officials) that our request for 3 hours parking bye-law has been denied.

The reason was: even, with no parking signs on the road we were still parking on the road and also making dangerous U-turns to park in front of the Mosque.

City officials observed the traffic situation during these 3 months on how we were dealing with situation in obeying the law.
After the refusal, we had another meeting with city officials to discuss the situation further and also invited our newly elected city counsellor from this area to attend this meeting.Following points were discussed to see if we can still salvage this situation:

It is important to note that while these negotiations are on-going; our community must abide by the no parking signs. If, we do not smarten up, City officials are going to start issuing tickets or start towing the vehicles as they know exactly what time we have Friday prayers at the mosque.

Do we want this to happen before we start disobeying the law?

Or how would you feel if you step out of the Mosque and your vehicle has been towed away?

We want to encourage all our community to abide by the law in visiting the Mosque as we do in all other dealings in life so that we can negotiate the best possible deal with the City officials in dealing with No parking situation.

ISK Executives.

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