Message from QUMSA


A message from QUMSA:

Asalam Alaykoum, Due to the low student numbers that use the bus to travel to the ISK for Iftars on Saturdays, QuMSA will no longer be scheduling a bus to bring students to and from the ISK. Instead we are requesting that those who have a car accessible to them and will be going to the ISK for iftar and taraweeh will help bring students to and from as well. The pick up and drop off location (JDUC) at 8:00 pm would rest the same. If you are interested in ridesharing with students please fill out this form:…/1uj2jtMbQ44-hmofyX3DPbv2ROH…/edit…

If you are a student that does not have a method of transportation to and from the ISK please fill out this form:…/1zqveRvp9k5UMhG5qCSBcqP95bl…/edit…

JazakAllah Khayr

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