Past Announcements

Jumu'ah Announcements for August 11 / Dhul Qi'dah 18 --[2017-08-11]

Jumu'ah Announcements for August 11 / Dhul Qi'dah 18 Welcome to Imam Sahmuddeen Harun who is here as a candidate for the Imam position. There are several events happening in his interview process that involve the community. Please try [...]

Jumu'ah Announcements for August 4 / Dhul Qi'dah 11 --[2017-08-04]

Jumu'ah Announcements for August 4 / Dhul Qi'dah 11 Next Friday, our first Imam candidate, Imam Sahmuddeen Harun, will be coming for his interview. He will be giving the khutbah at Jumu'ah on Friday August 11, meeting with the youth from [...]

Al-Bayan: Quran For Kids --[2017-08-02]

Assalamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Register now for the Al-Bayan Qur'an Program for Kids & Youth at the Islamic Centre of Kingston. Aimed at students from JK to Grade 12 In addition to Qur'an recitation, lessons include discussions [...]

Quran Halaqa Resumes --[2017-08-02]

Assalamo alaikum, Alhamdulillah, we have start Quran halaqa again starting from the beginning of the Qur'an. It will be held every Thursday from Magreb to Isha.Everyone is Welcome! [...]

Imam Interview Agenda --[2017-08-11]

Assalaam Walaikum, Here is the agenda for the days in which our Imam candidate will be interviewed Insha Allah.His resume can be found here Imam Interview Agenda:   Friday, August 11: 1:20                  [...]

Upcoming ISK Imam Interview --[2017-08-01]

Assalamo alaikom,   Imam Sahmuddeen Harun (currently Chaplin  at the BC Okanagan Correctional Centre) will be visiting our community on Aug 11 and 12 for consideration towards the Imam position at the ISK. He will be delivering Jumma [...]

Jumu'ah Announcements for July 28 / Djukic Qa'dah 5 --[2017-07-28]

Jumu'ah Announcements for July 28 / Djukic Qa'dah 5 The next session of STRiVE for youth will be on Saturday July 29 from 7-8:30 pm A summer Qur'an program for children and youth will be held starting Tuesday, August 8. It will run from [...]

Jumu'ah Announcements for July 21 / Shawwal 26 --[2017-07-21]

Jumu'ah Announcements for July 21 / Shawwal 26 Please pay attention to the No Parking signs on Sydenham Road to avoid being ticketed or towed, and park responsibly in the parking lots. This Sunday after Dhuhr the family of Amad Jalaluddin [...]

"No Parking" signs on Sydenham Rd --[2017-07-21]

Please adhere to the "No Parking" signs on Sydenham Road. [...]

Jumu'ah Announcements for a July 14 /Shawwal 20 --[2017-07-14]

1. Islam & Science Camp is running next week from 9am-4pm for children ages 4-11. There is still room if you haven't registered yet. Register asap online. The camp will also sponsor two Syrian children. Please contact Sr. Mona if [...]

Jumu'ah Announcements for July 7 / Shawwal 12 --[2017-07-07]

Jumu'ah Announcements for July 7 / Shawwal 12 1. Today at 3:30 pm the Muslim Children's Circle has arranged for a tour of the New Eyes on the Universe Exhibit at the Agnes Etherington Art Centre. 2. The ISK school is holding end of year [...]

Ramadan Overview --[2017-06-13]

Assalomo Alaykum: Ramadan's blessing be upon you and your families. Here is a quick overview: 1. Ramadan Fund: With cooperation by all community members ISK have collected $6900 to date. Our Target for this is $10,000 so we are short [...]

Sad News --[2017-06-14]

Assalamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, It is with a very heavy heart we convey that Br Amad Jalaluddin, oldest son of Br Salahuddin and Sr Ulfat, passed away, at home, early this morning.  Inna lillahe wa inna elaihe rajiun. Please [...]

Islam & Science Summer Daycamp: Counsellors & Volunteers Needed --[2017-07-17]

Are you a university student looking for some summer work? A high school student looking for volunteer hours? Then this may be the camp for you. See the poster below for details on how to apply to be a counsellor or to volunteer with the Islam [...]

Jummah Announcements --[2017-06-10]

Jumu'ah Announcements for June 9 / Ramadan 14 Please remember to avoid parking on the street when coming for Jumu'ah or Taraweeh as you may be ticketed. In addition to the main parking lot, please take advantage of the extra spaces behind [...]

Message from QUMSA --[2017-06-10]

Students in need of a ride share should sign up online. [...]

Zakat ul-Fitr Payment --[2017-06-05]

The amount for Zakaat ul-Fitr has been established this year at $10 per person which can be paid through the ISK.  [...]

Islam & Science Summer Camps --[2017-05-30]

Islam & Science Summer Camp for children ages 4-11 coming July 17-21 Insha Allah. Register now at: Summer Camp Counselor and Volunteer Positions available. Apply online through our Facebook page:  [...]

Ramadan Mubarak from Limestone District School Board --[2017-05-28]

Dear friends and members of ISK. Ramadan Mubarak on behalf of myself and the Limestone District School Board. May all find love, joy and peace as you partake in this very important holy month of Ramadan. Information about Ramadan has [...]

ISK Expansion Project - Donation Collection --[2017-07-06]

The Prophet (saw) was a generous man and increases his generosity in Ramadan. Multiply your blessings and consider donating to the Islamic Centre of Kingston's Extension Project. [...]

Reminders from Taraweeh --[2017-05-29]

Reminders from Taraweeh: Starting Monday (May 29) Salat-Ul-'Isha will begin at 10:35 pm Please respect our neighbours. There should be no one playing outside at night. Last night there were kids and youth playing soccer and basketball [...]

Ramadan Mubarak --[2017-05-27]

Insha Allah Saturday marks the first day of the blessed month of Ramadan. Tonight join us for Taraweeh prayers after Salat-ul-'Isha (10:30 pm). Please come 15 min early (10:15 pm) for our nightly 'Ilm Snapshot to reflect upon the verses [...]

Help Fight Hunger this Ramadan --[2017-05-25]

This Ramadan join us in fighting hunger by joining the Give30 campaign, a North American campaign to donate to local foodbank. Turn your empathy into action and join the campaign by donating to Partners in Mission Foodbank. It's as easy [...]

Register for Ramadan Quran Competition --[2017-05-27]

Children, Youth & Adult Competition.  Last day to register:  June 4th 2017Register online at: [...]

Ramadan Nights --[2017-05-27]

View Details for information on Iftars, ilm Snapshot, Tahajjud, Hadith Reading, Suhoor and Lectures [...]

Volunteers needed to give khutbahs at correctional institutions --[2017-05-24]

Assalamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Imam Ali Islam is looking for volunteers who can give khutbahs at various correctional institutions in the area.  Please contact Imam Islam at:  or Sr. Mona Rahman [...]

QUMSA - Housing needed for 2 Hafiz --[2017-05-24]

Assalam Alaykoum, QuMSA is looking for a brother or family who is willing to house 2 Hafiz from Cornwall, ON who are leading the ramadhan taraweeh prayers at the university. If you or anyone you know [...]

Ramadan Announcements --[2017-05-18]

Ramadan Schedule, Student Iftars, Community Iftars [...]

Welcome to ISK’s New Website --[2017-05-16]

With the grace of Allah SWT and high spirit of our website development team, we are pleased to announce launch of our new website. [...]

Crowd Funding through ANFIQ for ISK Extension Project --[2017-07-10]

ISK Expansion projectThe Islamic Center of Kingston was built in 1996, and over the years our community has expanded so much that we have to look to alternate areas to accommodate overflow of the prayer area during Friday prayers, Eid prayers, [...]

Respectful parking at Jumu'ah at the ICK --[1969-12-31]

Please note that parking is prohibited on either side of Sydenham Road.  [...]

Out of Town Fundraising for the Extension --[2017-05-05]

 ISK Fundraising Committee has scheduled fundraising for ICK Extension Project in number of mosques in various cities.  [...]

Israa wal Miraj with Imam Ryan Carter --[2017-04-22]

The ISK Education Committee would like to invite you to a potluck dinner and seminar on Israa wal Miraj with Imam Ryan Carter.Date: Saturday, April 22, 2017Time: 6 pm Insha AllahWhere: Islamic Centre of Kingston [...]

Passing of Sr. Shreen Ahmed --[2017-04-15]

The mother of Br. Mohamed Youssef, mother-in-law of Sr. Shreen Ahmed passed away in Cairo, Egypt this past Saturday April 15, 2017. [...]

Jumu'ah Announcements for April 7 / Rajab 10 --[2017-04-13]

Jumu'ah Announcements for April 7 / Rajab 10 Strive session for youth. Today members of the Imam hiring committee will be present to listen to the ideas and suggestions of the youth. Time 7:00-8:30 pm The ISK school will be holding a [...]

Qur'an Competition --[2017-03-31]

Calling all Kids and Youth! Qur'an Competition coming up, Insha Allah! Get your Qirat on! Register at: [...]

Job Posting for Research Fellow --[2017-04-01]

The Tessellate Institute (TTI) is seeking a research fellow for a new research project on Islamic perspectives on Basic Income. [...]

Iftar at QUMSA 2017 --[2017-05-18]

Please follow the link:    [...]

Queen's: Islamophobia in Kingston --[2017-03-26]

Assalamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu, A Muslim researcher at Queen's is conducting a study of Islamophobia in Kingston. Muslim participants of all ethnicities, sects, genders, and degrees of practices are invited. They must be: [...]

MAX Scholarships 2017 --[2017-03-25]

To elevate the Brand of Muslims in Canada...' MAX was established in 2015 with the founding charter to recognize, reward, celebrate and motivate high professional and academic achievement, and positive contributions to society by Muslims [...]

Jummah Announcements --[2017-03-24]

Jumu'ah Announcements for Friday, March 24 / Jumada Al-Akhirah 25 1. ISK annual general meeting is on Sunday starting at 11 am. All relevant documents were sent to paid members. Please be on time as we cannot start until quorum is reached. [...]

Islamophobia Study: Being Muslim in Kingston --[1969-12-31]

A Muslim researcher at Queen's is conducting a study of Islamophobia in Kingston. [...]

No Parking On Sydenham Road --[2017-03-17]

 NEW NO PARKING signs on Sydenham Road.  [...]

ISK IS HIRING FOR AN IMAM --[2017-03-15]


Dr. Mohamed Bayoumi Wins Peace Medal --[2016-11-21]

November 21, 2016  Mohamed Bayoumi was named this year's recipient of the YMCA of Kingston's annual Peace Medal. [...]

Celebrating Love: March Break Camp --[2017-03-05]

Increasing our children's love for Allah (SWT), our Prophet (SAW), their parents & family, and for all of Allah's Creations in a fun and interactive manner. [...]

Dr. Hafizur Rahman presented with Lifetime Achievement Award for Human Rights --[2017-02-28]

February 28, 2017 Congratulations to Dr. Hafizu Rahman on winning the inaugural Queen's Lifetime Achievement Award in Human Rights. [...]

Statement on Senseless Attach of Worshippers at the Islamic Culture Centre of Quebec --[2017-01-30]

The Islamic Society of Kingston extends its condolences to the families of those worshipers killed in a senseless attack at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Québec. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajeoon. Verily to God we come and to God we [...]

To My Beloved - Writing Contest --[2017-02-18]

If you could say anything to the Prophet (pbuh) what would you say?  Similar to the Letters to the Beloved initiative, we're asking you send in your letters and poems, putting in words your love for him (pbuh). [...]

Prayer Timings

- Fajr and Isha times are calculated according to ISNA (sun is 15 degrees below horizon)
- Asr time is based on standard method (other than Hanafi). Asr may be prayed earlier if there is a
community event.
- Times shown for ICK are Iqamah times.
- Jum’a khutba starts at 1:20