President's Blog March 2017

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Assalomo Alaykum,

It’s an honor for me to report on ISK activities for the year 2016-2017.  It has been a busy year for ISK executives to look after its duties. It is also my privilege to work with a group of individuals i.e. all the executive members who take pride in their responsibility, work hard and diligently to look after the various responsibilities assigned to their respective positions.

I would like to report on the following:

1                     ICK Extension: The extension committee has been working with the city officials for the past few months for a new site plan approval effected by our application to extend ICK. We had preliminary meetings with the city and presently working on completion of city requirements. Detailed report will be provided by the chair of Extension Committee.

2                     Fund Raising Committee for the Extension Project: This committee has been working very hard to raise funds for our ICK extension project and will continue its efforts in the next few months. Please join this committee to volunteer your time to help raise funds for the extension. We can use community support to help with this effort.

3                     Imam hiring committee: As Br. Sheharyar is leaving Kingston, A new Imam hiring committee has been established to find a replacement.

4                      Volunteers: I would like to urge all our community members to review their time on how they can work and help as a volunteer with ISK. Every year at the time of ISK Executives election, we try to find new people to work on the board. However, due to lack of participation and involvement with ISK affairs neither ISK is aware of their skills, ability and/or availability so the old school continues with the management. I strongly believe that it is time that our younger generation should step up and start taking initiatives by getting involved into society affairs.

5                     ISK Operating fund: The ISK operating fund is at its lowest than comparable to last many years. It is important that our community members review their financial commitment towards ISK especially via the regular monthly donations to ensure that we have enough funds to pay for the operating cost of our mosque.

6                     This year's connection with the Kingston Community at large was particularly strong as ISK has had strong cooperation with many sponsors of Syrian families. Part of this cooperation was in the form financial assistance and part of that was in helping in the settlement process. Giving spiritual and moral support was also part of that cooperation. There were many agencies with whom we did cooperate.

7                     Following the brutal incident of targeting worshippers while praying in the mosque in Ste. Foy, the Kingston community did show great support in the form of sending cards, flowers, notes, emails among others. The interfaith prayers held at ICK after the Friday prayers was very well attended and people who spoke showed clearly that their hearts are with us.

8                     The Kingston community has continued to recognize some members of our community. This was evident by granting Br. Hafizurrahman the lifetime achievement award in equity and human rights. Also Br. Bayoumi was awarded the Peace medal by the YMCA.

9                     On the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of Canada, ISK cooperated with other organizations for grant applications offered by the "Community Foundation for Kingston and Area". 13 applications were successful and ISK is a partner in two projects and is cooperating with a third. On of the projects where we are partners is "150 Youth expression of Canada". The second one deals with "150 years plus of faith cooperation to build Canada". The project where ISK is cooperating is in "Food Security" and the organization with whom we are cooperating is "Lovingsspoonful".

10                 Miscellaneous: New LED lighting has been installed inside the building and around the ICK perimeter. New carpet was installed in the prayer area. Upgrading of the washrooms was undertaken. We would like to encourage our community members to identify any items that required to be maintained within the ICK. We are presently working on improving our sound system for the upcoming Month of Ramadan.

JAK for all your support,


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