President's Blog June 2017

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 Assalomo Alaykum,


ISK Executives take this opportunity to Pray that Allah ‘s Blessings be showered on all our Umma and community members.


Site Plan


We herewith provide an update on the present status of  our site plan application with City of Kingston. Extension Committee for the past 4-5 months has been working with Eric Trought, the engineering firm to prepare and submit our site plan.  City had asked that ISK provides the following:


1.                     Site plan drawing: It is the first important step to proceed with the extension project.  Our site plan being submitted to the city provides additional much needed 41 parking spaces.

2.                     Noise abatement study,

3.                     Archeological study of the site

4.                     Storm water management report including control of water runoff to neighbouring properties.

5.                     Septic system design and Kingston health department approval


Present Status for site plan application:


1.                     At present all the detailed site plan work has been completed/finalized by Eric Trought, approved by Extension Committee and ready for submission to the city.

2.                      Noise abatement study has been completed and ready for submission to the city.

3.                      Archeological study of the site has been completed, has been approved by provincial authorities and ready for submission to the city.

4.                       Storm water management was completed and reviewed by the Extension committee. As a result of this review the report had to be revised. It is presently being revised and expected to be ready soon.

5.                     Septic System: ISK had signed an agreement with city in 1996 that it will use only septic tank and will not be able to install a septic system due to close proximity of rock under the soil. Due to this signed agreement health department is not in a position to allow us to design and install a new septic system as the new septic system design will require the approval of the provincial authorities. ISK has agreed with the health department that at this time, it will continue using the existing septic tank to get  approval for site plan and the issuance of the building permit from the city of Kingston. ISK plans to initiate the septic system design process with provincial authorities as it a long drawn process and expected to last for many months.

6.                      It is expected that site plan final submission including all of the requirement will be submitted to the city within month of June. It is expected that city may need between 6-8 weeks before final approval will be issued to ISK.

7.                      Upon completion and submission of Site Plan documentation, Extension Committee will start working on preparation of detailed drawing package required for the issuance of the building permit.


Fundraising Committee (FRC). FRC has been working hard to raise funds by visiting Mosques in Montreal and Toronto. FRC is also planning to raise funds in our mosque during the month of Ramadan. FRC plans is to raise $50,000 during the month of Ramadan.  Members of FRC committee will be visiting community members and local business to achieve its Ramadan target of $50,000. . ISK thank all its community members for contributing to the extension project. We also take this opportunity to make a strong appeal to all members participate fully in donating funds during Ramadan. We count on everyone to positively respond and to take advantage of the spirit of generosity in the month of Ramadan. Please donate generously for this worthy cause.


Present status of funds for the Extension. ISK presently has $416,443.00. ISK has already paid over $35,000 in getting all the work completed to get the site plan documentation.

Salahuddin Jalaluddin, ISK President 


ISK Expansion Project

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